Feeling overwhelmed and doubting your goals and bold vision?

Rapidly rewire your mind to become more focused and achieve your goals with fearless confidence

Is this you?

You've set goals in the past but lately, you’re not consistent with what you say you want to do. You also may feel unfocused and notice that your confidence is slipping and your vision is cloudy.

You pride yourself on being driven, smart, and a
go-getter, yet you know you need a catalyst -a strategy- to get back on track.

You crave that fearless confidence and you're tired of settling and second-guessing every decision and step in your business. You’re ready to give yourself permission to level up in business and life!

Hey Ambitious Leader!

You're a goal-getter and money maker but sometimes you get pulled in different directions. There's a reason for this.... recently an article in The Observer, claimed that your attention didn’t collapse, it's been stolen.

Social media is destroying your ability to concentrate and it’s no wonder why you may have been feeling overwhelmed lately with millions of ideas, thousands of to-dos, but nothing is getting done to achieve your money goals, self-care goals, new project goals, or taking action on that new, ambitious business idea to transform the world.

Yes, even the highly driven, like yourself, can fall prey to feeling like a deer in headlights- everything appears as if it's at a standstill. It's almost like you're living in the void not knowing where to put your time, energy, and attention - you also may be feeling more lows than highs too.

Social Media is Hijacking Your Brain

Neuroscientists say our brains are becoming slower

According to neuroscientists, the digital age is making our brains slower -it's hijacking your dreams, your goals, and your inherent ambitious nature. Unconsciously you have become addicted to the dopamine-like matrix of social media.

Just like a drug, social media can evoke unrealistic comparisons causing your confidence levels to crash. (Yes, even the highly successful and smart are susceptible) As a result, this can create a negative feedback loop of self-sabotage.

No one is safe unless you're ready to do something different.

How your brain gets in the way of your goals

Unlock The Science Behind Achieving Your Goals

The Solution...

Utilizing analog methods, like journaling, is the solution to escape ... it will rewire and re-energize your mind to become more focused and disciplined so you can...

Make the call!

Make the sale!

Push the publish button!

Feel inspired with your life!

ACHIEVE MORE GOALS on your infinite bucket list!

Journaling also feeds your creative nature to achieve your goals by activating streams of consciousness. It will get you back on track, feeling accomplished - like your ambitious self again. (And create highly productive habits that stick.)

The secret to thriving in this world today is learning how to merge analog with digital. (it’s not going away-ever!) This can be done by activating self-awareness through journaling which creates new neural pathways.

Journaling Rewires Your Brain

A brain-changer!

Journaling creates what neuroscientists call "self-directed neuroplasticity," which is a fancy way of saying it rapidly rewires your brain.

These new brain connections will help you to gain powerful insights that access your intuition so you can trust yourself instead of second-guessing yourself, manage your emotions instead of feeling highly triggered and irritable all day, and stay focused on a daily basis with your goals. This, in turn, builds your long-term vision instead of being distracted and depleted.

We are living in a critical time of transformation.

I bet you're now convinced that journaling is a

If you're looking to stay ahead, feel grounded, and take back your power then you'll love the course I created just for you, Fearless Vision & Goals.

The Fearless Vision & Goals Course

Utilizes the Vision Method/Vision Journal invented by Heather Picken, CEO of Lux Analytics

The Vision Method utilizes the analog nature of journaling, which has been a game-changer for my business. I work with highly driven women CEOs, entrepreneurs, and leaders who value a growth mindset. It's helped them to become more focused, activate creativity, become inspired to take aligned action, increase their net worth and build fearless confidence.

The Vision Method organizes and prioritizes what's most important to your busy life, both personal and professional. The method allows you to plan and perform daily tasks with ease, map out money-making projects, offload brilliant business ideas, accelerate problem-solving and ritualize self-care habits for optimal mental and physical well-being.

The Vision Method is patent-pending with science-based research, psychology, and real-world applications. The fractal nature of its design activates pattern recognition that reinforces the repetition in the subconscious mind for automatic behavioral change.

If you're looking to master your day, achieve more, and build your confidence levels then the Fearless Vision & Goals course is perfect for you.

This course is a catalyst to transform your business and life.

Learn how to rule your inner world and become a leader of your outer world.

Fearless Vision & Goal's Course

Here's what's included...

5 Modules
24 Videos lessons ($2000 Value )
2 PDF downloads ($47 Value)
A hardbound copy of the Vision Journal ($49.97 Value)

Lifetime access (Priceless!)

Total Value of $2096.97

Module 1

Uncovering Your Wealth Goal Formula

  • The psychology of setting goals. Discover how your brain is uniquely wired to set and achieve goals

  • Learn why you may have sabotaged your goals in the past and how to stop the pattern of being stuck, overthinking, and feeling overwhelmed

  • How to stop comparing yourself and second-guessing your goals by following your finger-print specific formula

Module 2

Creating Your Fearless Vision

  • The exact steps on how to write out your vision so that your subconscious mind can receive and integrate it as a natural part of who you are.

  • How to get crystal clear on your vision for your business (and any area of your life that you want to conquer!)

  • Breakdown your vision into manageable steps where you feel inspired and in control of your destiny instead of letting more chaos and confusing enter your life, taking you off your path!

Module 3

The Neuroscience of Goals

  • How to set multiple goals for both business and personal life that are energizing.

  • Discover the most effective way your brain likes to organize and process information so you're taking actionable steps with more confidence.

  • Learn the power of journaling to reduce mind-chatter while making sure every goal, task, and brilliant idea you have in your head are written down.

Module 4

Planning & Prioritizing

  • Learn the secret behind The Vision Method's Four Channel Planner. Organize every aspect of your ambitious life with more ease and flow! (Do you have multiple businesses? If so this will streamline everything)

  • Manage your highest priority tasks, record all of your important conversations, and take detailed notes. (Comes in handy with sales calls!)

  • Harness mindfulness with daily rituals to facilitate calmness, clarity, and concentration instead of being overwhelmed and procrastinating.

  • Brainstorm new ideas to customize your business, new projects, money goals, finalize decisions, link high-level goals using visual thinking, and feed your creativity utilizing Vision Maps.

  • Daily Journal Pages: Master your day by the rule of four and hack your behavior to get things done on time.

Module 5

Goal Mindset

  • Rapidly rewire your brain to take charge when you have feelings of doubt and insecurity.

  • Create a daily ritual for your mind so you're staying focused and taking consistent action towards your goals

  • Breakthrough self-sabotaging patterns and uncover what's blocking you

  • Uncover whether you need to change your goal or change your strategy by asking these powerful Neuro Activation questions


Designed with how the brain likes to manage information with planning and goal setting

  • The fractal design of The Vision Journal helps to reorganize your thoughts. Work on multiple projects at once and eliminate mind chatter.

  • Transform the daily complexity of your life and ambitious projects and goals using the proprietary four-channel planner

  • TRACK MEASURE SUCCESS Gain insights every day with how you can advance and celebrate your wins with daily task and confidence scoring. Be one step ahead of your competition by learning how to master your personal scores.

  • REWIRE YOUR BRAIN TO OPTIMIZE PRODUCTIVITY Broaden your motivation. The journal energetically manages multiple projects and maximizes productivity in and outside of business or life regimen

  • TRANSFORM YOUR WORK INTO VISUAL THINKING - Brainstorm your thoughts by using visual representations. Map out business strategies, goals, and problem-solving at the HIGHest level using our full-featured Vision Maps


  • How long do I have access to this course?

    Once you enroll, you'll have lifetime access!

  • Is this a live course?

    No, it's a self-paced online course that comes with a Vision Journal. You can learn on your own time and become a master at setting and achieving both business and personal goals.

  • Will I receive a physical journal even if I live in a different country?

    Yes! By investing in this course you'll be able to enjoy the luxurious, Vision Journal. It's a hard-bound leather journal that looks and feels high-end.

  • Are there refunds?

    No, due to the shipping costs I don't provide a refund. However, I stand behind my programs and products being first-class. If you have specific questions about the program please email support@heatherpicken.com.

  • How long will it take to receive my Vision Journal?

    In the US you can expect anywhere from 5-7 days if not sooner. Once your orders are processed we immediately ship them out. If you're overseas it will take longer. Allow 7-14 days (I have no control over the mail). You can also email us to get your tracking number so you can know exactly when it will arrive. My shipping department does its best to be efficient because we know you wanted it yesterday!

  • What if I don't have a business can this still work to set goals?

    Absolutely! Whether you're climbing the corporate ladder, you're in transition with what you want to do with your life, or still, in school, this program will transform your life.

  • Can you teach this program to my organization or team?

    Yes, I do team training and coaching for organizations which is a different price. Please email support@heatherpicken.com so I can learn more about your goals and vision for your organization or business.