Build the Fearless Confidence You Need to Achieve Your Bold Goals in 2023

For the next five days commit to yourself that you will go all in. When you complete a goal, like this challenge it builds confidence in your brain. You're literally making new connections that build fearless confidence! I want you to think about confidence as a muscle. The more you flex your confidence muscles the more opportunities you'll attract, your income accelerates, and the clearer you become with your vision.

  • Identify Your Specific Fears. Learn how your subconscious mind is controlling every aspect of your business and the impact

  • Retrain your mind to overcome fear and take aligned action!

  • Discover the neuroscience of journaling and how it builds your fearless confidence.

  • Measure your level of fearless confidence.

  • Neuro-Wire Your Million Dollar Destiny! Smash imposter syndrome, own your worth, see your value and increase the rate of your fearless confidence and success by 95%.

Heather Picken

CEO Lux Analytics

Hello ambitious visionary leader!
You’re an entrepreneur on a mission who is driven by achievement, relentless in setting bold goals, and you realize that your Super Power is being a catalyst for change in the world.

You know what separates the ambitious from the 1% ambitious, that you have certain levels of confidence and worth, but just not the particulars of a truly fearless, fierce, unstoppable leader.

You know you have confidence, but you want to feel absolutely FEARLESS in the face of taking aligned action, trusting yourself, and owning your value so you can claim your power as a woman who is here to make a massive impact.

You have good self-worth because you’ve already made money, you're certainly not a rookie and you've invested in your business without fail, but you know in order to reach your next level something internal needs to change.

This challenge will help you to identify your fear(s) and how your subconscious mind has been sabotaging you no matter how hard you've tried to overcome your blocks. You'll learn some simple neuro-based strategies that will help you to rewire your brain so you can become the fearless leader you know you are destined to be.

Let's do this!